The tech intelligence engine of the future.

The tech intelligence engine of the future.

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Resonance owns and
operates a suite of high
growth tech platforms

Resonance offers media, market intelligence
and strategic consulting solutions 
to its
enterprise clients

Enterprise Marketing

Our publications offer accessible enterprise level business journalism to keep people informed, up-to-date and connect. Each vertical under the Resonance brand create captivating multi-channel digital marketing campaigns designed to support your product or service.

Market Intelligence

Team of experts should go next to strartegic consulting, Our platforms collect and structures global data should go next to market intelligence

Strategic Consulting

Our platforms collect and structures global data on frontier technologies and delivers it in a user-friendly platform. Our platforms helps investors, startups, corporations, accelerators, policy makers and governments gain a holistic overview of various technology landscapes.


Our team leverages knowledge in computational physics, complex systems, and quantum information to create algorithms aimed at addressing verticals such as finance and life sciences

We work with Trail-Blazing Organizations
across the Resonance Ecosystem

What people say about us

This is the best article that has ever been written about Q Ware. The spirit and tone and content are all 100% aligned with how I genuinely think of our business

We starting working with QI over a year ago and quickly became partners in storytelling and crafting compelling messages to break through the noisy media cycle. We know they have our best interest in mind and together we continue to find innovative ways to get our messages across

The Quantum Insider is my go-to place for all things quantum computing – the most up to date, diverse, informed and well-rounded snapshot of the industry available. I continue to be impressed by the team at TI- a group of smart, down to earth, friendly, driven individuals following their passion. I look forward to continuing to work with them and am excited to see what the future holds  

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